Should I Paint My Brick House? Pros & Cons of Painting Exterior Brick

Out side of a house with a red door

  Many homeowners prefer brick houses due to their durability, strength, texture, and warm architectural aesthetic. Although with time, and as your building ages, all the beauty fades away.  Maybe your red brick home looks overly distressed, like an old institutional building, and you’re wondering whether or not painting the exterior will make a difference.…

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The Ultimate Guide to Water-Based Paints

Bucket of white paint with a brush and a roller

Oil or water-based — which kind of paint is better? Both types of paint have their own pros and cons, but water-based paint is more popular for most applications. That’s because it has so many great attributes and it’s very easy to use. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly painting options available. What Makes…

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