Caulk Before or After Painting

exterior caulking

Do you caulk the wall in your home before or after painting? The answer should be, “yes!”. We’ll explain why – keep reading to learn why exterior caulk is essential.

It’s important to caulk before painting an exterior to extend the life of your paint job and to hide those cracks that appear after a paint job.

Whether painting a surface afresh or repainting, you need to caulk first. Caulking is helpful since it fills gaps between your surface before the paint job begins. This hides the small cracks that show up after a painting.

What is Caulking?

Caulk is a compound that fills holes, seals holes, and joints in surfaces. It would be best if you had a caulking gun to apply caulk on the surface. Caulk will blend seamlessly into the surface.

Caulk or Paint First?

Caulk before painting ensures your paint lasts long. In addition, caulk provides insulation in your home by sealing cracks.

The other reasons exterior caulking is vital to include:

● Caulk prevents the buildup of condensation

● Caulk keeps water out of nail holes

● Caulk prevents insects from getting into your home through joints

● Caulk improves the overall look of a paint job

What is the Process for Exterior Caulk?

Here is a breakdown of the process for exterior caulk:

Cleaning the Surface

Preparing your painting surface involves sanding and removing old paint, dirt, and any buildup on the surface. Any buildup on the surface will prevent the caulking from adhering to the surface well. If the surface has old caulk, remove it before reapplying the new caulk for a clean surface.

Caulk Application

Painting experts can apply caulk to your surface. During this process, the applicator repairs surfaces that need repair before using caulk. Some caulk requires you to prime the surface before caulk application.


It would be best if you allowed the caulk to dry before painting; otherwise, it would crack and warp.

Seek Expert Help From Robo Painting When Painting and Caulking an Exterior

Caulking before painting will prolong the life of your paint and should be a must-do process. It is a process, though and if you are tight on time, want it done right the first time, or just need the help of a professional, we’re here for you!

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